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Parents Reward Artistic Daughter With the Coolest Gift and Her Joy Is Contagious

She is SO excited

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Encouraging your kid's interests always pays off. Sometimes, as a parent, it's hard to know when to take your kid's hobbies seriously, but if it's something they're spending every minute of their free time doing, it's safe to say that's a passion to follow. Take the super cool 9-year-old girl in this video from @raeandrobin. She "draws and does art all the time," according to her mom, plus she does great in school and even manages to help with the family business. As a reward, her parents got her an iPad, an Apple pencil, and downloaded Procreate for her. Unsurprisingly, the little girl got right down to the business of making art...and ended up making an actual business for herself.


So awesome! “I can’t believe someone paid for something I would have done for free.” That’s the key to happiness right there…finding something to do for a living that you love so much you would do even if you weren’t getting paid.

This little girl is just starting out, but she could have a full-fledged business going for herself in a couple of years. And it was all because her parents believed in her talent and paid attention to her interests.