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Non-Verbal Toddler With Autism Has the Sweetest Way of Letting His Sister Know Her Loves Her

Sometimes actions really do speak louder than words.

All kids have different ways of expressing themselves, but raising a non-verbal child is a whole different challenge. It can be so hard having that communication barrier between a parent and a child (as well as with the rest of the family), but many children with autism still find a way to share what they're thinking with those closest to them.

According to one mom on TikTok, her older daughter is struggling with her non-verbal younger brother, who is a toddler and isn't able to tell her out loud that he loves her. But once he did figure out his way to share his love with her, Mom captured it on video, and it's getting us a bit emotional. 


"My daughter always feels like her brother doesn’t love her because he doesn’t show emotion like we do. Moments like these are what I live for. The first time he’s come over to her and held her face like that. He only does it with daddy, and then a few weeks ago did it with grandpa. Makes my heart so happy!" Mom wrote in the caption. 

Watching little brother put his hands on big sister's face is so sweet — and seeing her reaction is even sweeter.

Regardless of the barriers that might be between these siblings, the love there is so obvious. What a cutie!