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Mom of Son With Autism Says Daughter’s Sweet Encounter Should Give Fellow Parents of Kids With Autism Hope

An autism diagnosis isn’t doom and gloom.

When you have a child with autism, you're a part of a community, and you can look to that community for support and inspiration. You never know when you'll connect with someone who has a hopeful story to share. In this video from, her daughter just had an encounter with a young autistic man who was working at a checkout. He said he liked the butterfly on her shirt because it reminded him of his mom's butterfly tattoo, which she got because he had autism. The girl told him that her brothers had autism, too, then shared the whole story with her mom back in the car, who was totally inspired. 


"Don't give up hope autism moms," the poster wrote. "This could've been your son it encouraged me." This mom was so happy to hear of a young autistic man who could carry on a conversation and even work in a store. And she wasn't the only person who found the encounter to be super encouraging. Commenters were similarly thrilled to hear about this young man, and also impressed with the mom's daughter and how mature and respectful she was:
"How she corrected herself when she said normal. She is an outstanding young woman!!!!!"
"I looooove how she caught herself saying normal. She’s the sweetest"
"It’s the encouragement for me"
"This makes me smile. My son is still not conversational and this made me smile"
"This encourages me for my daughter. I'm in tears."
"Awwww I love it keep your head up mom"
"this gives me hopeeeee for my baby boy thank you for sharing"
This is a community that definitely supports its members. Moms everywhere can find hope thanks to this one mom sharing her positive story.