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Mom Learns Why Son With Autism Loves Going Underwater So Much

Sensory seekers will totally get it.

Parenting a child with autism is a totally unique experience. With the diagnosis comes the opportunity to learn ways to help your child grow and navigate the world in a way that complements the way they think. And a lot of times, that means looking for the best sensory outputs for them to make it easier for them to express themselves. 

It's no surprise that some of the best sensory experiences kids can have all have to do with water, as one mom on TikTok recently discovered. After she learned her child, who has autism, loves to put his head underwater, a specialist shared an explanation that made so much sense.


Over footage of her son in the pool, the mom shared that the specialist said he loves going underwater so much because it's so quiet there. 

"Sensory seekers are often drawn to water because it stimulates all their senses in positive ways," she wrote. She also shared in her caption that because of this, autistic children might be more likely to drown, so of course, using all the water safety tools at your disposal and keeping a close eye on any child in a pool or body of water is extremely important. 

Fellow moms have agreed that this is something their child loves. "My son has sensory processing and we put him on the swim team. He spends most of the time underwater but he’s an amazing swimmer," one commenter wrote.

How awesome that these kids have found something that makes the world a little quieter and more beautiful for them.