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Here's What Babies Probably Think About Safe Sleep Guidelines, According to a New Mom

They just want to be comfy.

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The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) regularly updates their safe sleep guidelines for parents of infants to refer to, and that includes a freshened-up list for the summer of 2022. The basics are all there — babies should be put to sleep on their backs, alone in the crib, for starters. But there's just one problem: A lot of babies simply don't like to sleep in the way that's safest for them.

One Mom out there has definitely recognized that problem, and she's letting us know what babies really think of all of this... or at least, what she imagines they're thinking, judging by how well safe sleep is working out for her infant.


According to her, the pediatricians of the world and the babies of the world got together for a secret meeting where the doctors outlined how the babies should sleep, and the babies were simply not into it. In her mind, they said, "hey babies, you need to sleep on your back, by yourself, on a flat surface," and decided to play a prank on parents by making it so the safest way would be the babies' least favorite way to sleep.

"And the pediatricians were like, 'and here's the best part: when you struggle to sleep like that, I'm going to make your parents feel so bad about it," Mom said. 

The prank definitely worked... just ask any new mom who can't get her baby to sleep alone in their crib all night long! 

It's important to keep babies safe while they sleep, but it doesn't mean moms can't complain about it along the way. Newborn life is hard!