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Baby’s Boots Have Surprise Squeakers

She loves the noise!

If there's one thing all babies have in common, it's that they all love obnoxious squeaky toy noises. Why? It's hard to understand, honestly, but it seems like every baby ever gets a kick out of squeaky toys...kind of like puppies. 

The problem is, parents don't necessarily want to hear those squeaky noises alllllll the time. The occasional squeak is okay, but repetitive, unending squeaks...that can get to be a bit much. So when the boots a mom ordered for her baby arrived with surprise squeakers in the soles, the baby loved them...the mom, maybe not so much. This hysterical video from @brittleshea shows what happens when feet get squeaky.

The noise the baby makes while she runs in those's too funny. She's so entertained by her squeaky boots. Luckily, as the mom wrote, "Good news is the squeakers are removable!" Thank heavens! Because those things could get old, fast.

Surprisingly enough, some commenters found some good things about the squeaky boots:
"u just bought locating device for when out an about"
"It teaches babies to walk correctly because the only way they hear the squeak is if they use their heels"
"those things are life savers. when they get a little to quiet while being mischievous those speaks burn them out lmao"
"Doctors use these a lot to correct babies walking, if the shoes squeak it means your baby is walking good !"
"Honestly people hate on the squeakers but it’s an excellent cue for them to be making a heel strike while learning to walk"

Of course, there were still people who said they would have taken the squeakers out immediately, but to each their own. Maybe it depends on whether you're in the mood to be amused!