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Baby Boy's "Motorcyle" Sounds Are So Adorable

He's ready to take off!

Some gifts are just pure joy to give...both for the giver and the recipient. Especially when kids are tiny. The looks on their faces when they get a special present are enough to totally melt your heart. No, toys aren't everything, but sometimes they can be pretty special. 

That's the case with the pretend dirtbike in this video from @canaanjacob. "This gift was too good to wait until his birthday," wrote his mom, and she was totally right. This isn't the kind of gift you sit on, it's the kind of gift you give the first second possible. 


How cute is that little guy! His real dirtbiking days are pretty far away just yet, but he still knows what to do. This is a baby who's watched a lot of dirtbiking videos, or perhaps dirtbiking IRL. "This momma is in for some trouble," she posted, and that seems about right. 

Commenters were totally in love with this little man and sure that he has a bright future ahead of him.

"He knew just what to do!"
"That whittle sound"
"My daughter started riding Honda 50 at 3"
"The fact that he is moving his right hand while making the noise is amazing"
"The motor noises I can’t"
"it’s the hand movement like a throttle for me"
"he’s a biker in his previous life"

The baby's mom agreed that he must have indeed been a biker in his previous life, and that he has the love for it in his blood. At least there are still a few years left where this is the only bike he'll be riding.