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Baby Has the Cutest Reaction to Eating Bread

We feel this on a spiritual level.

There are very few moments of joy as delightful as a fresh basket of bread. Think about it, how amazing is it when the waiter or waitress drops off a basket at the beginning of a meal? The happiness that bread brings is not just an adult thing. And one little carb obsessed baby is living proof of that.

A mom captured the joyful and sweet moment her infant got a hold of some bread, and his reaction is just super relatable.


The mom appropriately wrote across the now viral video “when Bread is life” and truly it couldn’t be any more accurate. Her sweet little dude in this throw-back video is demonstrating the true joy bread brings by doing the happiest wiggle dance after taking a giant bite. We can’t help but laugh and smile at his little happy moves.

“I’m with him on that,” wrote one TikTok user. “Did the keto diet for three days and I was out!”

“He made the bread look so good now I want some,” wrote another.

Now that the little man is 4.5 years old, his mom confirmed that he still loves bread as much as he did when he was little. And who could blame him? After all bread=life.