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Toddler Has Special Message for Big Brother Before School

That’s too precious.

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The bond between brothers is like no other. From the time when they're wrestling over toys to the days when they're helping each other move and taking road trips together, brothers always have each other's backs. Even when they're super young, they know what their brother needs, and that bond is already amazingly strong.

That brotherly connection is on display in this adorable video from The mom was dropping her older son off at school, but her toddler son didn't get to hug him goodbye for some reason. The solution? A drive-by "I love you."

Too incredibly sweet! The way big bro calls back: "You ARE my brother." Awww. He's not embarrassed to be mushy at school or too distracted by his friends or anything else -- he knows his little bro needs a proper goodbye and he's going to give it to him. Little brother is so proud when he points out his brother walking away. That's his brother, and his best bud. 

Commenters couldn't get over how sweet these boys were, and hoped that yelling "you're my brother" back and forth becomes a thing these kids always do. Some people talked about their bonds with their own brothers, with others wishing they had a relationship as close as these brothers have. Quite a few people said things about how their own siblings would ignore them if they did this and pretend they didn't know them. (Which does seem like pretty typical sibling behavior.) It's true, the relationship these boys have is definitely a special one. Buds for life!

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