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Little Girl's Reaction to Meeting New Baby Brother Is So Wholesome

She can't get over it.

People just can't get enough of videos of little kids meeting their new baby siblings. You never know which way it's going to go: Some kids get really emotional, some kids are surprisingly unaffected, some kids might get a little upset. But the little girl in this video from @dunnefamily is nothing but delighted to meet her newborn baby brother.

She's so super gentle and sweet, the way she touches him and can't stop giggling. But what she really can't get over is "how cute" her adorable new sibling turned out to be.


"He's so cute!" She just can't stop saying it. Who can blame her? It's got to be strange when all of a sudden a tiny little human being shows up to live in your house, but it must be so exciting, too. Especially when they're so cute all you want to do is hold them all the time. "When you’ve been waiting 9 months for this moment..." wrote the creator, and this is definitely the reaction of a little girl who's been waiting a very long time. 

Commenters just loved this little girl's little scrunched up face and how excited she was to meet her little brother:
"She’s so Precious… I believe great parenting set her up to be excited and sweet"
"“No I HOLD HIM” she wasn’t playing"
"Omg. She can barely contain herself. How freaking cute"
"Come back when they’re 4 and 2."
"Her scrunched up excited face is just adorable!"
"She’s like GIVE ME THE BABY"

These two are already bonded for life, and mom will definitely have a volunteer to hold the baby anytime she needs her hands free!