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Mom Defends Women Who Feel a “Bump” Super Early In Their Pregnancies

This is a good perspective to have.

It's hard to fully understand what pregnancy is like until you've experienced it for yourself, and those first few months can be a total trip. You're having all of these symptoms, but you still don't look pregnant, and you certainly can't feel baby moving around in there. From the outside, you look like nothing has changed at all. 

It's in those early weeks and months that we start searching for any sign of a baby bump at all to start showing, and even once it does, we just end up second guessing ourselves. But if that sounds like you, there's a TikTok going viral right now that might make you rethink that reaction.


This mom shared that she'd seen an expectant mom share her 13 week baby bump, wondering if the baby was causing the bump, or if it was just bloating and gas that made her belly appear so round. And this lady has the perfect response.

"I'm like, 'ma'am, did the baby cause the gas? Then yes, it's a baby bump,'" she said. "It's a very cute baby bump, okay? The baby caused it, it's a baby bump, thank you."

This mama has a point! For all we go through during pregnancy, we're allowed to claim that bump In pregnancy as early as we see fit — even if we know our baby is still the size of a very small fruit at the time. 

And yes, as some commenters pointed out, others will try to "gatekeep" baby bumps... but in the end, this lady has the right perspective. That bump is yours, so own it! 

Everyone's pregnancy journey is different, and people will always judge... but make sure to try to enjoy at least some of this time. It's a big deal!