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Baby Says Bye-Bye Before Bed and It's So Cute

See you in the morning!

It takes babies a little while to get their greetings and salutations straight. You say goodbye, they say hello...hello, hello! Seriously, though, babies have a lot to figure out when it comes to language. They understand that certain things are in the same categories, like "good morning," "good night," "hello," "bye bye"...but they're not exactly sure when you say which ones. 

Like in this adorable video from @kadynsmithsmith. It's bedtime, and mom is putting the baby down to sleep. She's going down without a problem. And she's even saying goodnight! Or, well, sort of. 

Bye-bye! It's just too cute. Bye-bye, I'm heading off to dreamland guys! See you in the morning! She seemed slightly confused, maybe, like...wait, is somebody actually going somewhere? But she mostly seems pretty much cozy and ready for a nice long snuggly sleep. 

Commenters thought this baby's nighttime bye-byes were pretty adorable, but they were also really impressed with how easily she went down without a bottle. Lots of commenters asked the mom for advice, and she was quick to tell them that consistency is key...she's been putting the baby down the same way every night since she came home from the hospital, she explained in the comments: "Consistent sleep environment since night one! In their bed, dark room, swaddle, binky, white noise. So they know exactly when it’s time to sleep!"

Others just thought she was such a sweetheart...
"That is the cutest!! 'Bye'"
"So beautiful"
"That little wave"
"I adore this little lady"

This is one baby who's got the sleep thing pretty well figured out, it seems!