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Baby Really, Really Needs Some Cookies and Milk Before Bed

Sometimes you just need a cookie.

Bedtime snacks are a bit controversial. Some parents are totally against giving kids food right before bed, others make it part of their kid's bedtime routine. Still others operate on a case-by-case basis. Whatever works, right?

In this video from @kaydnsmithsmith, it's not clear whether bedtime snacks are a regular thing for this baby, but what is clear is that this baby is not going to bed without some cookies and milk. Like, it's non-negotiable.

That desperate little noise she makes while she waits for the cookie jar to be handed over! There are wants and there are needs, and it seems like that baby straight-up needed cookies and milk or she'd never sleep through the night.

Commenters totally understood how this baby felt and why sometimes bedtime requires cookies.
"I just love the way they sign for more. My grandson does it and it is so cute"
"What a lil sweetie I love how much she loves her food"
"Kids be drinking like it's they last drink"
"She sounds like she’s going to have a breakdown if she doesn’t get her cookie So precious!!"
"This is how I look asking for cookies too"
"aw... awesome mom.... they will sleep good... and will be happy... the way life should be"

Yes, absolutely...cookies at bed are the way life should be! As long as that's what works for your family, of course. Some kids might flip out if you gave them cookies before bed, probably. But not this little girl!