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Baby Is Not Fooled by Fake Video Game

Nice try, dad.

Why oh why are babies never fooled by all the baby toy versions of adult objects that they always want to play with? You know, brightly-colored plastic keys, pretend cell phones with flashing buttons...all those toys that babies take one look at and are like "haha nice try, give me the real thing." You'd think babies would find these things at least somewhat entertaining, but more often than not they toss them straight to the floor.

Take the baby in this video from @julieandcorey. She clearly wants to be playing video games with her daddy, using the same controller as him. It doesn't matter that dad has hooked her up with a flashing pretend video game and headphones, she just wants to know what he has going on.


Welp, that's just how that goes. And you know what's really funny? Babies aren't even fooled when you give them real gadgets that are either unplugged or missing batteries. They want the real thing, in working order. Dad might just have to teach his daughter how to play video games super young, or else not play around her. 

"We got her a video game toy because she would always try to steal his," the baby's mom wrote. "Now does she still want his? Yes."

Commenters thought this little gamer was super cute...
"They learn quick their controller ain’t the same"
"my daughter had the same toy and now she’s almost 4 playing ps4 with me"
"Babies tend to know the difference between a toy and the real thing!"
"Now that’s quality time with Dad"
"We do this with my son! He got tired of the toy one so now we give him a switch pro controller when We’re on Xbox"

It does seem as if gaming is in this baby girl's future. The only question is, how soon?