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Why Even Baby Fever Might Not Be Enough to Convince Parents to Have a Second Child

Newborns are just so cute, though.

For some of us, baby fever kicks in as soon as we have another kid, and for others, it takes longer... after all, the struggles of pregnancy and those newborn months can be hard to forget! But when the fever hits, it hits hard, and often helps us forget (at least for a minute) how challenging it can be to have a baby that tiny, starting the process all over again. They're just so cute! 

But this mom is injecting a bit of much needed reality for those of us who can't get over our love of babies but also need more time to get our ish together. In a video she shared on TikTok, she managed to perfectly capture the conflicting feelings that come with wanting a second child.


Mom's filming the video with her baby, and honestly, seeing this little one makes us totally understand why she'd already want another!

"I want another little baby," she says. "The thing is, if I have another baby, it's not gonna be me and that baby alone, it's gonna be me, the baby, and this toddler, and I would have to take care of you during this pregnancy, and then I'd have two kids." 

Well, if she didn't just hit this nail on the head! Two kids sounds great — but we'd have to take care of them both. Maybe we should think this through a little more... 

Maybe when her toddler is older, she'll be more prepared for number two. Moms always manage to get it done!