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8-Month Old Tries Her First Cheeseburger Ever and Has the Best Reaction

It might be her first but it won't be her last.

One of the most fun parts of being a new parent is when babies finally get to start solids. Sure, it gives us one new thing to stress about, but it's so much fun to watch our little ones try different foods for the first time and see their reactions. After all they've had is breastmilk or formula, discovering different flavors really throws them for a loop! 

If you love watching this kind of cuteness happen, you're going to love this video of an 8-month-old baby trying her first cheeseburger, made specially for her by her dad, who is famous for his burgers. Lucky baby girl! 


As far as the burger itself goes, Dad clearly went above and beyond. He made her a tiny version of an actual, full-sized cheeseburger, bun and all. Baby girl looked excited before she even got to have her first taste, and once she took a bite? The look on her face is definitely worth seeing! It's no surprise she went back for another. 

Taking a bite of a full cheeseburger in a baby-sized portion really seems to take baby led weaning to a new level... and this baby looks happy to be in this next stage of her development if it means she gets to eat yummy foods!

Feeding kids can be stressful, but this video reminds us how much fun we can have with it, too. We're glad this little one enjoyed her first cheeseburger! Something tells us many more are to come in her future.