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Baby's Giggles As Mom Reads Him a Book Are Totally Contagious

There's nothing like the sound of your child laughing.

In the weeks after our child is born, we keep an eye out for those first social smiles, but they're nothing compared to hearing our baby's first laugh. It's the most magical sound in the world — seriously, is there anything better than full belly baby giggles? 

One mama is sharing her baby's laughter with the world in a video she posted on TikTok, and it's something everyone needs to see. Seriously, watching this and hearing these giggles is guaranteed to make anyone's day better. The love between this little guy and his mom is too sweet to witness as they're making each other laugh.


In the video, Mom is reading him a book called There's a Monster In Your Book by Tom Fletcher, and regardless of what line she's reading, her baby boy is absolutely dissolving into giggles. And the fact that her kid is cracking up is making Mom crack up, so basically, this is one big video of happy feelings (something we could all use right now, honestly). 

People are loving this little boy, and are taking to the comments to share how his giggles made their day.

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"I love when you turn on their giggles and they can't stop. Sweetest thing in the world," one person wrote.

Another added, "My daughter is 7 now and we STILL read and laugh with this book." 

It might not be a bad idea to keep this video bookmarked for the next time we have a bad day. There's no way these giggles wouldn't cheer anyone up. 

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