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New Mom Frantically Calls Pediatrician Because Newborn Has Legitimate Looking “Boobs”

Yes, this can happen to baby girls.

For as much as people want to offer a new mom unsolicited advice, there sure are a lot of things that happen after a baby is born that nobody tells you about ahead of time. The postpartum period is total trip full of surprises. And if this is your first baby, some weird things can happen that you definitely weren't expecting.

That seems to be what happened to this mom on TikTok, who shared that she discovered that her newborn baby girl seemed to have breasts. Most people don't expect that to happen for years after their daughter is born, so it makes sense that she was a bit concerned.


The good news: this is totally normal, and it does happen sometimes, though it can definitely be alarming, and that's exactly what the mom found out when she called her doctor about it.

And just to make the situation even more surprising, her pediatrician told her that while nothing is wrong with her baby, she did likely have milk in her breasts and Mom would need to get it out. 

According to Healthline, this happens to about 5% of newborn babies when high levels of estrogen are secreted to them via the placenta before they're born, and usually goes away by the time they turn two months old. Though it seems like most of the time, parents are discouraged from trying to get the milk out, this mom seems to have received different advice from her pediatrician, so checking with a doc is your best bet.

We're glad this baby girl is going to be just fine, though we can't deny it must have freaked her mom out a bit!