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Baby Girl’s Reaction To Toy From the Dollar Bin Section At Target Is Utterly Priceless

What a sweet little girl!

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There isn’t a kid alive who doesn’t love getting toys. Birthday and holidays are of course always exciting, but those “just because” toys hit totally differently. While physical things are definitely not necessary when it comes to rewarding or treating your little one, no one can deny the amount of unbridled joy it brings them.

In case you had any doubts about just how happy a kid can get over a toy, just check out this video of a dad presenting a bat and ball set from the discount bins at Target.


As she takes the toy into her hands her eyes get as big as saucers and her mouth becomes fixed in a shocked “o” shape. As the parents giggle at her excited reaction, it only hypes her up more. You realize her growing happiness is contagious and before you’re off scrolling to other videos, you can’t help but have a wide grin yourself.  

“Not sure but i thinks she likes it,” joked one TikTok follower

“I love being at stores and seeing babies! This would have made my day if I witnessed this at Target,” added another.

Admittedly Target IS a magical place, so we totally get this sweet little girl’s reaction. While mom and dad admitted in the comments they didn’t end up buying it for her, they may be regretful enough to head back and pick it up for her. We’re sure that would totally make her day!