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Baby Says She Wants To Go "Night Night" and It's So Adorable

That little voice!

Some little kids fight bedtime tooth and nail. As bedtime approaches, they start acting up and making excuses, finding all kinds of reasons why it's not a good time to go to sleep, and it only gets worse the more tired and unreasonable they get. 

And then, you have kids like the baby in this video from @kay_co1. This adorable little angel not only somehow knows she's ready for bed, but she knows how to communicate this need in the most gentle and adorable way ever. Seriously, this is like the best baby bedtime you can hope for.


Oh, her little voice! "Night night!" She knows she's sleepy, she knows it's bedtime, she knows she needs someone to put her to bed, and she knows how to tell them. Score on every count! Not all babies are quite this polite about bedtime. 

Commenters just couldn't handle the sweetness of this little girl. 
"Cutest little 'night night' my 1 year old says 'night night?' And runs to her crib while dragging her blanket"
"She was born with such a sweet disposition! You’re lucky she’s so sweet. They don’t all come like this. I love her! So cute!"
"My heart can’t take her sweet lil voice of an angel"
"She says it so gently"
"My son is hearing her say 'night night' and he’s thinking she’s saying 'bye bye' he’s sitting here saying 'bye bye' back to her"
"after the first few times her eyes seems she is like 'yeah mom, I said it like 4 times, I want night night, how are you not grasping this?'"
"This is my 2 year old when she’s tired 'we go night night?' She says 'Otay' grabs her blanket, and says 'nigh nigh daddy'"

There are so many adorable ways for toddlers to go to sleep, but with quiet words is definitely preferable to screams.