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Dad Gives Daughter First Haircut and It Goes Horribly Wrong

Mom compared her look to 'Dumb & Dumber.'

Adults have had their share of bad haircuts, but not even kids are immune to this inconvenience... especially when their inexperienced parents are the ones holding the scissors. Saving money on a haircut by cutting our kids' haircut ourselves may seem tempting, but once we see the end result isn't what we were hoping for, we wished we'd gone to a professional in the first place.

Take this dad and daughter for example. This tiny baby girl on TikTok got her bangs cut by her dad — her very first haircut ever! — to keep her hair out of her eyes, and it didn't quite go as he had planned. Like, not even close.


It's impossible to emphasize the fact that everyone needs to see what this baby girl's hair looked like after her dad took scissors to it enough. Mom is positively wheezing in the background and even compared her daughter's look to Dumb & Dumber — and she's not wrong.

Baby girl is smiling, and Dad insists he's done a "decent job," but we've gotta disagree. Does it make us bad people to be laughing so hard at this? 

It's not every day we get to see a baby under the age of one with bangs cut straight across her forehead, but now that we have, we think she might have done better just keeping her hair flowing and messy.

At least he tried... and seeing the look on baby girl's face when Dad told her she's beautiful at the end of the video is all that really matters. The hair will grow back!