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Baby's Reaction to a Head Scratcher Is Hilarious

He just melts

Everybody needs a little relaxation now and then...even babies. And there's nothing like having someone use a headscratcher on your head to make you feel relaxed. You've no doubt even seen videos of dogs and cats getting blissed out thanks to a headscratcher. So it's no surprise that the baby in this video from @davidson.ella is totally loving the experience of getting her head scratched with one of the wire devices. How much does she love it? You just have to see.


He loved it so much he fell right over! He probably can't wait to get right back up again for some more headscratching, though. This is such a sweet reminder that babies are very sense-oriented and totally appreciate things like this and infant massage. Their little bodies can get all filled up with stress, too, after all. People couldn't take how cute the scene was, although there were some pretty funny comments, too:
"If you don’t dress him like Charlie Brown"
"Omg he’s a little Charlie Brown"
"Please tell me someone else thought it looks like he's in a claw machine"
"Omg so stinking cute"
"c'est cailloux"
Okay, so the Charlie Brown and Caillou comments aren't completly off the mark. Neither is the one about the claw machine. But overall, there's one prevailing sentiment when it comes to this video: It's just really, really, really, really cute. 
Who knows? Maybe headscratching will be how this baby falls asleep. Or maybe it'll just be a sometimes thing. Either way, hopefully his mom will make more videos.