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Mom Shares How Her Baby Gives Her 'Instant Serotonin' In The Morning

There's nothing like being greeted by smiles first thing.

Babies come with plenty of challenges (mostly, the lack of sleep they give their parents). But on the flip side, being a parent to an infant comes with a lot of rewards, especially when those smiles start happening. Is there anything better than how happy babies are to see their parents first thing in the morning? 

Knowing this, it makes it a little easier to deal with those sleepless nights. And as one mom has shared on TikTok, it can even be a source of "instant serotonin" to see an adorable baby grinning at you when you go to retrieve them from the crib. We can't lie — it's magical.


It's impossible to get over this happy baby's smiles, which only increase once Mom makes it over to her crib and starts talking to her. Is anyone else getting baby fever out there after seeing this?! 

Other parents with their own happy babies at home shared how much they love the smiles like this themselves. 

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"This is my favorite part of the day with my son," one mom wrote.

Another added, "These types of smiles were what made middle of the night feedings sooo much better." 

This is one lucky mama to wake up to this face every day. It all goes by so fast — we're glad she'll have this video to look back on when her happy baby is a happy big kid instead.

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