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Baby Is Definitely Not Ready to Kiss Birdie

That was unexpected.

Babies and little animals seem like two things that should go together. They're both gentle and sweet and harmless, and make for the cutest photo ops ever. That's why you often hear parents encourage their little ones to "hug the puppy" or "pet the kitty cat" or whatever else for the's adorable.

This video from @tylergrant93 is an example of parents trying to make one of these cute animal/baby moments happen. They've got the cute toddler (little blonde fellow), they've got the small animal (a surprisingly friendly bird). 

They never could have guessed what happened next. 


Oh no! That was decidedly not a kiss. Poor little bird! In the toddler's defense, it doesn't seem like he truly had the vaguest notion what he was actually supposed to do, nor did he seem like he was in the mood to have a cute photo moment, to be fair. Sure, it would have made for an adorable shot: A little baby kissing a little bird! Aww! But some things are just not to be. 

Commenters thought the whole thing was pretty dang funny. 
"As an empath, I’m sensing Bubber’s not a bird lover"
"the audible gasp I just made, knowing full well that bubber jack was about to give tweety a smackdown"
"Jack’s intrusive thoughts won"
"the person saying 'don’t pet the bird' in the background"
"It was a mistakenly aggressive "petting" of the pretty bird. Bubber's don't know his own strength, is all."
"bubber said heres a birdie kiss alright"

Babies and birds: when things go wrong. You just never know! Better to keep those little animals away from toddler hands.