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Adorable Baby Can't Stop Laughing at Book

This is too precious.

If you can figure out a way to make a baby laugh, you should do it, and you should do it over and over again. Because a baby's laugh is basically the most joyful thing in the world, like the sound angels would make. And once they start laughing, sometimes it's hard to get them to stop. Not that you'd ever want to.

The baby in this video from @grayciedenayee has a super huge case of the giggles. And it's all because of this absolutely silly book his mom is reading him. There's a monster in it! Making silly noises! Oh, the hilarity. This baby just can't take it. 


Is that not just the best sound in all the world? Nothing can be wrong when a baby is laughing. It's like the whole world just stops for a second, and nothing anywhere is bad, and everything everywhere is happy and full of fun. And while toddlers are pretty great at laughing, too, it must be said that this particular kind of laughter is something babies alone share. And that they grow out of way, way too fast. 

Commenters just couldn't handle this sweet baby's laughter...
"This is my FAVORITE kids book ever"
"the end ....he was like. "hold up you're recording this?"
"The end look “I’ve been entertaining her for so long…”"
"I love when you turn on their giggles and they can't stop. sweetest thing in the world."
"the way he knew the book was down and was like okay we done video taping this I'm done putting on a show"
"there's nothing cuter than a baby laughing"

It's true, that look back at the end was too much. It's hard to say if he knew he was being filmed the whole time and got tired of it or just realized right then that the camera was on, but either way, this baby has a gift for the giggles.