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Big Sister Is the First One to Make Newborn Laugh and Her Reaction Is So Cute

The love there is very palpable.

It's been said before and it'll be said again: Baby laughs are the best thing in the world. Seriously, just try to think of one thing better. There's nothing. So when you're the very first person to get a baby to laugh, it's a pretty big honor. Babies don't laugh at just anything. They don't giggle just to be polite. They don't chuckle appreciatively at a sort-of funny joke. They laugh from the bottom of their bellies, with total abandon, because something or somebody strikes them as truly, genuinely, hilarious. In this video from @sofiaxmar94, big sister is so emotionally moved by the fact that she just made her baby sister laugh that it actually makes her cry. 


So much sweetness in one video. These little baby girl has a champion for life in her big sister, and these two are clearly going to spend the rest of their lives together making each other laugh. (And cry, sometimes! But mostly happy tears.) The best part is, it doesn't even look like big sister was doing anything much to make her little sister laugh...she was just being herself. And that's enough!

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