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Mom ‘Eats’ Baby’s Foot and the Sound She Makes Is Music to Every Parent’s Ears

Look at this cutie!

When our babies are little, we look for milestones like that first smile, and then, the first laugh — honestly, is there any better sound in the world? Once our infants have figured out how to laugh, we do everything we can to hear that sound again. It's impossible not to hear a baby giggle and instantly be in a better mood! 

There's one mama on TikTok who knows that feeling all too well, and thankfully, she's sharing her happy baby sounds with the rest of us who have kids who grew out of that phase long ago. And watching her video, it's impossible not to have just a little bit of baby fever as we hear this laugh! 


Mom pretends like she's eating the baby's foot, and the baby absolutely loses with giggles and shrieks — if you watch this one more than once, don't worry, we're right there with you. OMG! 

There were plenty of comments from parents who know the feeling of joy their baby's laugh brings themselves. One comment summed it up pretty well: "The best sound in the entire world, your child's full on laughter!"

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Baby giggles are the cutest, but anytime we hear our kids laughing — even when they're older — is honestly the best.

We're so glad that this mama has a recording of what her baby's laugh sounded like at this age. Heartbreakingly, one day it'll just be a memory... but now, she'll get to keep it forever. 

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