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Baby Learns The Heck Out of Her Words

You can pretty much tell what she's saying!

There's basically nothing cuter than a baby who's learning to talk. Their versions of words are so adorable, you almost wish the day where they learn to speak properly would never come. But even if you can't understand your little one, chances are they know more words than you think.

Take the baby in this video from @chubbycheekbb. She's going through flashcards and learning her words, and she's so excited to find out that she knows them all, even if she doesn't have the pronunciation down perfectly yet. 


Soooo cute! And how funny is it that babies think the noise an animal makes is pretty much interchangeable with its actual name? She is just too darling, the way she puts a big exclamation point on every word. "Baba!" Chss!" "Baybo!" It's just too much. On a more serious note, the flash cards are such a great way to expand your little one's vocabulary in a fun way, and might even help them on the way to sight reading.

Commenters thought this little talker was just the sweetest thing ever...

"We love an aggressive learner"
"BABA balloon BABA banana BABA bottle"
"She’s like speed round let’s go"
"The horse sound"
"Balloon, banana, and bottle… NO! It’s ba ba, ba ba, and ba ba"
"Her little PFFFLOWA ! got me ! OMG ! Smart girl ! She is going to rule the world one day !"
"At the end she was thinking, “Its all done????”"

She certainly does make learning look cute. And before long, she'll be shouting out those words with total accuracy. (And it'll probably make mom a little sad.)