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Baby Too Mad About Being Woken Up to Go With Daddy

We don't blame her.

Babies: They're just like people. Some of them wake up super happy, some of them wake up super grumpy. Some of them are all smiles the second you lift them out of the crib, others need a minute before they're ready to interact with their parents or anybody else.

Like the baby in this video from @diorminae.  As her mom wrote, she was mad at her daddy because he woke her up to change her diaper and so she didn't want to go to him. Like, nope. Uh-uh. That man woke her up, and now she doesn't even want to see his face.


So, so hilarious. That baby has some serious attitude. And it's too delicious. That baby's side-eye is one of the most adorable things ever. 
"yall i cant make this up this baby is so smart she hates to be woken up out of her sleep so she told her dad she didn't want him"
Poor dad! He was just trying to do the right thing and change her diaper! 

Commenters loved this baby's spunk:
"She’s so tiny but so grown. She said do u know what time it is sir??
"she said you could've waited till I woke up on my own"
"her shaking her little head, too cute"
"the cold shoulder too!"
"she said 'sir i do not have time for you'"

This little thing is going to grow up to be something fierce, looks like! And she's always going to need her beauty sleep.