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Baby Finally Says "Mama" After Months of Ms. Rachel

At last!

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There's sort of an unspoken race that can occur between new parents. Nobody wants to admit to it, but everybody is kind of hoping that their name is the first one the baby speaks out loud. It's understandable: Parenting an infant is a relatively thankless gig, and a little verbal encouragement from your little one would be pretty amazing. (Especially if they choose you first, right? Jussayin.)

In this video from @mommyneeds_morewine15, a baby who has apparently been saying "Dada" for months finally, perfectly, says "Mama" like a champ...and her mom is crediting all the practice with Ms. Rachel. 

So adorable! The way she says "Mama" is so deliberate. Not like a baby babbling and saying mama more or less accidentally. This baby made up her mind that she was going to say "Mama" at exactly the time when her Mama prompted her, and she definitely knows exactly what she's doing. "I guess binge watching Ms. Rachel is paying off," the mom wrote. 

Commenters agreed that not only was the baby saying "Mama" clear as day, but she actually said it the way Ms. Rachel would say it..."in Ms. Rachel's voice," as one commenter put it. Which is pretty hilarious. How many babies out there are precocious talkers because of Ms. Rachel? It might be worth doing a study. People also totally related to the mom's super excited scream after the baby spoke up. And who could blame her? When your baby says a "Mama" like that, there's no mistaking what you've heard.