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Baby "Meows" Instead of Crying and It's So Cute

Can you think of anything cuter?

All babies make their own distinct little sounds that are uniquely their own. It probably goes back to some sort of primal instinct, something about mothers recognizing the sound of their young, but it's true that every mother knows the sound of her own baby's cries. That may be especially true for @ericagulick, if her adorable video is any indication. That's because this mom's baby makes a very, very distinct sound. Truth be told, it sounds less like a sound that a human baby would make and more like a...kitten?


Too adorable! That little noise is so heartbreakingly cute. Does it ever turn into a full-fledged wail, one wonders, or does this baby only politely alert her parents to her needs with a sweet little mew? Not only did commenters think this baby was super adorable, but their cats apparently thought she might be a kitten in distress:
"My cat literally ran over because she sounds like a kitten lmao"
"I swear to you I was watching this and my daughter said 'mama I wanna see the kitty!'"
"Shhhh baby, you’re going to wake up my kittens!"
"Omgoodness, my daughter used to do that and no one would believe me...adorable" "My cat ran to my phone…"
There is, apparently (it should be noted), a rare genetic disease called Cri du Chat Syndrome, which counts a distinctive cat's cry as one of its symptoms, and some commenters urged the poster to get her daughter checked out. Others noted their children made noises like this and were totally fine. So here's hoping this kitten's meow is a healthy one!