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Any Mom Obsessed With Checking the Baby Monitor is Going To Relate to This Video

It's so hard not to!

Any parent who has a baby — in particular, their first — knows what it's like to constantly make sure they're still breathing. When they're brand new and seem so tiny and fragile, the worry can be overwhelming, so it's easy to understand why so many new parents end up being obsessed with their baby monitor when little one is asleep in their crib in another room. 

While it's a huge relief when we finally get to the point that we don't have to check the monitor every two minutes, the stress of that time in early parenthood is real, and it happens to a lot of parents. This mom is even sharing her obsession on TikTok (and the evidence is pretty darn cute).


The mom shared a series of clips of her baby from the monitor, and every single time, the baby had moved. They sure do manage to toss and turn a lot when they're this young! "POV: You're checking the baby monitor," Mom wrote.

As we can see in this video, Mom checked the monitor dozens of times that night... and we've all been there.

And honestly, as much as we look forward to having a moment to ourselves once our kids go down for the night, it's hard not to miss them after they're in bed. They're so cute when they're sleeping! 

Stressed moms of the world, put down the monitor. You deserve rest, too!