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Woman Learns BFF Named Baby After Her and Her Reaction Is Priceless

You can already tell they will have a special bond

There are lots of things you can do to show somebody how much you love them and cherish their existence. There are small things, like notes and flowers, and there are big things, like asking someone to be your child's godparent. 

To really show how much someone matters to you, you can even choose to make them part of your family's legacy, like the family in this video from @mireyaelliot. This mom has a super special way of showing her BFF just how important she is in her naming her newborn baby after her. The BFF's reaction is just beyond priceless. 

So sweet, the way she just breaks down! It must be an amazing feeling, to have your best friend hand over their new baby and introduce them with...your own name! It's such a special honor, there probably aren't that many people in the world who've even experienced it. These two will have such a special bond as the baby grows up, her mom's BFF taking her namesake out for special dates and always being a special guiding force in her life. 

Commenters thought the whole thing was so sweetl:
"I was named after my mom best friend and I named my 1st born after my best friend"
"How incredibly humbling!! This is the sweetest, most genuine gesture and she is completely shocked! TRUEST OF FRIENDS!!"
"you're both so lucky to have each other"
"The emotional range on her face!!!!"
"I already know She’s going to spoil that baby"

Babies need lots of grown-ups in their lives to love them, and this baby seems especially lucky in that regard. Especially her mom's BFF!