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Mom Perfectly Captures How a Baby's Short Nap Can Ruin the Rest of Everyone's Day

Nobody wants to deal with a cranky baby.

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When kids are first born, sleep is everything — new parents often find themselves totally obsessed with whether or not their infants are sleeping at night and if they are taking the right amount of naps every day. It's easy to see why; a bad night of sleep or even just one bad nap has the power to derail the entire day. After all, babies are our tiny overlords.

Anyone who's ever been a parent to a baby or a toddler knows that when that nap ends early, there's going to be trouble. So seeing this mom on TikTok perfectly communicate that feeling when a nap goes awry really makes us feel less alone right now! 


The mom shared a video of herself going up the stairs, with a sped up version of Ellie Goulding's song "Lights" playing in the background. On the video, she wrote, "On my way to get my baby after she's woken up too early from a nap and will be cranky AF & moan for the rest of the day." 

If she was meaning for this video to sound and look like complete chaos, she couldn't have nailed that feeling any better.

"My son gets mad at ME for waking up early from his nap likeeee you woke yourself up," one mom wrote. Yep, been there.

May everyone's kiddos nap exactly as long as they need to for the rest of the day to go smoothly. Our thoughts are with the moms and dads out there dealing with cranky, overtired tots!