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Brothers Overjoyed to See Baby Sister Out of NICU

They couldn’t believe their eyes.

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Anytime a newborn comes home for the first time from the hospital is cause for celebration, but when an infant has been in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for awhile, that homecoming feels especially miraculous. Especially to family members waiting at home who might not even have known that this was the exact day the baby was coming. 

In this adorable video from @ddlynchauthor, we see two older brothers surprised by the homecoming of their little newborn sister, who's been in the NICU for 24 days. It's safe to say these boys are pretty much blown away!

So incredibly sweet. They are just enchanted by her! This tiny little being in a baby seat just came into their home and changed their lives forever. They don't even have any idea yet how much richer their lives will be with her in it. They just know she's something really, really special. "This will forever go down as one of my favorite moments in history," wrote the mom. "Legit core memory for all of us after 24 days in the NICU."

Commenters were so touched by this incredibly special family moment, noting that the boys were so sweet, with the first one running to get his brother (but being careful not to shout!). And then there's that beautiful quote: "Best Christmas present ever." This little girl is very lucky to have these two big brothers by her side for life!

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