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Mom Did Not Get The Bald Baby She Was Expecting


No matter how much you find out about your baby before they're born, some things just have to remain a mystery until they arrive. Sure, you can find out if they're a girl or a boy, but you have to wait to find out what color their eyes and hair are, or even if they have much hair at all. Most parents have some guesses about how their baby will turn out, even if they're not 100 percent sure. Take this video from @_talala. The mom starts out with "POV: you expected a bald asian baby." And then we see a shot of a newborn who is very decidedly not bald...who grows into a very not bald baby...but just wait until he's a toddler!


That is some amazing hair right there. The part where it was sticking up was definitely adorable, but as long hair it's just gorgeous. And it's so cute how it's part of his identity. Commenters were totally charmed, not to mention jealous. 
"Longer hair than me before the age of 5"
"i wish i had that hair omg"
"Bro has better looking hair than me"
"please give me that hair"
See? Totally jealous. Alas, one has to be born with hair like that, and this baby totally was. But it just goes to show how those babies can totally surprise you when they're born. Genetics are a crazy thing, and you truly never know what you're going to get! Even if every other baby in that family was born bald, somewhere along the line somebody was born with lustrous locks like this one. Now, if only someone could figure out which gene is responsible for that hair and how to bottle it.