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Plank-Obsessed Baby Must Be Training for Something

Seriously impressive.

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The world is basically a gym for babies. Anywhere and everywhere is the place for them to practice their developing physical skills, whether they're climbing on something or crawling or rolling over or pulling themselves up or holding on and bouncing...there are so many ways for babies to exercise their muscles and coordination. 

Take the baby in this video from @daniellewarnerr. Wherever she is, she finds a way to take a moment to do a plank. Gotta work on those abs!

"I'm not sure what our 10 month old is training for but I'm nervous" wrote the mom. 

"World domination" suggested one commenter. "Fitness influencer" suggested another. "Whatever it is, my 10 month old has been training for the same thing," said yet another. 

It's just so amazing to watch how babies can turn anything into a way to exercise their bodies and minds. We buy so many toys and come up with so many activities to try to hurry their development along, but the truth is they don't need any of it. Babies are pre-programmed to find ways to stretch their capabilities and learn and become stronger and more coordinated. We can do all the special exercises in the world, developed specifically to target little baby muscles, and we'll find our babies doing planks in the middle of the laundry or some such thing as if to say, "Why did you even bother, mom? You know I got this covered."