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Baby Demands Mom’s Onion and Instantly Regrets Her Decision

She needed to learn for herself.

When you think about it, if you didn't know an apple tasted like an apple and an onion tasted like an onion, you wouldn't really be able to tell from looking at a slice of one or the other which was sweet and which was spicy. Especially not if you're a baby. 

That's why the baby in this video from @cookingwithnik has no idea that Mommy's onion isn't something she wants to snack on. All she knows is that the onion is some kind of food and Mommy is holding it, and lots of times the food Mommy is holding is pretty yummy. So she would like to go ahead and get some of that for herself, please?

Except...oh, the regret.


Poor baby! It's hilarious how long it took her to figure out that she was eating something she didn't like. First she had to go through all the levels of onion flavor to let it sink in. Then she was like, nope, I definitely don't like whatever this thing is! I was expecting something like an apple!

Commenters couldn't help but see the humor. Because, let's face it, while it's hard not to feel bad for this poor little baby, it's pretty much impossible not to laugh at her experience.
"She’s like Mom… how could you betray me like this"
"Gotta learn somehow"
"thinking onions were apples as a kid, at 4 I threw such a fit about my mom not giving me one that when she finally gave in she handed me it whole"
"The reaction is everything"
"Sometimes you just gotta let em my son did the exact same thing"
"when she was a toddler, my oldest insisted that onions were in fact apples so I let her try it, she liked it & asked for more"

You never do know! Other commenters had the experience of their toddlers asking for spicy foods and unexpectedly liking them, too. Safe to say, though, this little girl is not ready to make onions a regular part of her diet.