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Mom Swears By Natural Hack That Gets Reluctant Baby to Poop

The bathroom struggle is something all moms know and dread. This apparently really helps.

You’ll never care or worry about poop as much as you will when becoming a mom. In those first few weeks, you absolutely obsessed about it. Is the poop the right color? Size? Is it the correct consistency? How many times did they go today? The worst however is when you know they have to poop and they just won’t Their reluctance becomes your nightmare, and you know you might have to take some measures to coax it out of them. 

One mom has the perfect way to do it naturally, without any medicine or even a suppository. 


The mom says that after a bunch of pediatrician and GI doctor appointments, she was a bit at her wit’s end when trying to get her little girl to make a bowel movement. It wasn’t until she herself stumbled across a reflexology TikTok. In it, the mom shows how massaging a few pressure points on her baby’s foot can actually result in the little one making a bowel movement on her own. 

“I thought there is no way this is going to a work a doctor would have told me about this but you know, no harm trying,” she explains. “So I did it and within seconds she took a big poop.”

Other moms confirmed that this method was a solid one. 

“I do this for my 4 week year old too as seen on TikTok also as I have same issue and can confirm it does work almost every time,” wrote one commenter.

Would you give this a try?