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Husband’s “Baby Proposal” Is the Sweetest Thing You’ll See All Day

What a beautiful start for taking the next step

We're used to seeing proposal videos that center around a ring and end with a couple deciding to get married, but this video from @slaimanandkate shows what happens when a husband has an idea for a different type of proposal. "Telling my wife I'm ready for a baby," wrote the poster, and the resulting encounter is ridiculously adorable. 


Her reaction is just too much! You can't help but wonder, has she been feeling the same way but was just afraid to say so? She almost seems relieved in a way! Either way, she's super lucky, because clearly this husband is going to be a super-involved dad. He's already bought his first pair of booties and they haven't even started trying yet! What's also adorable is how nervous he seems. They're so sweet with each other, almost like a couple of shy teenagers. The whole thing was so sweet, commenters wanted this kind of baby proposal to become a trend. Among the comments:
"Babyposal??? This should be a thing."
"This is cuter than a marriage proposal honestly"
"The content I didn’t know I needed"
"she legit fell in love with you a second time"

People were also quick to point out that the best was yet to come. 
"Trying is the best part"
"She already stopped taking birth control a month ago"
It did seem like she was definitely on the same page. These two deserve all the luck in the world on their baby journey. One thing's for sure: No matter what happens, these two will have each other's backs. And once that baby comes along, they will be so loved. 

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