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Mama Captures Baby’s Adorable Reaction to Getting his Face Washed

He might be the only baby in the world who enjoys this…

If you're a parent, you probably know how difficult washing (or even wiping) a baby's face can be... and the older they get, the bigger their opinions on this subject become. It's not uncommon for a little one to scream bloody murder while their face is being washed, even during bath time, no matter how gentle you're being. It's a fact of parenthood.

We've never met a kid who actually enjoys getting their face washed — at least, not until now. As one mom shared on TikTok, her baby loves having his face washed to the point that he looks totally blissed out while it's happening. He already appreciates the value of a good skincare routine!


As soon as the towel hit this baby boy's face, he was all smiles, grinning away. He's so happy that he even sticks his tongue out while his face is getting washed. Pure happiness! 

Plenty of parents who are not having this peaceful experience with their own babies flocked to the comments. 

"Can your son have a conference call with my kids and teach them how to act right during this process?" one mom asked.

Another mom wrote, "Love him!! My kids start throwing hands as soon as I touch their face to wipe it."

(Neither of them are alone in this struggle.)

Now, we need his mom to share all of her tricks. She must be doing something we're not if face washing time is so pleasant in her house!