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Baby Has Sweetest Reaction To Mom Coming Home From Her ‘Long’ Trip

They love us more than we even realize.

As a parent, you genuinely don’t worry too much about your kids loving you because in the end, it doesn’t fully matter. No matter what, in fact, you will always love them, and the love you have for them is incomparable to anything else in this world. So you might be shocked to know: They really do feel the same way as you.

 One mama recently got proof of that when her husband snapped a quick video recording their little one’s reaction when dad let him know that mama was on her way home.


Off camera you can hear dad asking them “Are you excited to see mommy?” and the little one lets out the biggest squeal of joy. Dad decided to make her homecoming even more magical by handing his sweet boy a bouquet of flowers to give to mommy. 

As he holds them by the door waiting for her to come in, when she does, it is nothing but unbridled happiness. He hands her the slightly now-jacked-up flowers and greets her with the biggest hug. The “mama” squeals on repeat clearly melted her heart

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Other parents who follow their family on TikTok agreed this might be one of their cutest viral moments.

“Coming home to your baby is the best feeling in the entire world. I cry every time,” admitted one parent. And a lot of others were really impressed with dad as well.

“Every man take note, this right here is how you treat a woman,” noted another.

There is no shortage of love in this sweet little family, and we hope mama gets to come home to greetings like that for years to come!

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