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Baby Has Sweetest Reaction to Video Mom Shows Her

She’s clearly an empath.

Sometimes, babies have moments where you can tell they're old souls. The emotions that these tiny babies can display are stunning. They've only been on the earth for a few months and somehow, it's like they have a whole lifetime of love inside of them. 

The adorable infant in this video from @_meg_viola is one of those babies. The baby's mom shows her 6-month-old daughter a video she made of her and the family since she was born, and her reaction is mind-blowing. 


It's nearly impossible to watch that video without bursting into tears yourself! What an absolute angel. That's just the most pure expression of love you can possibly imagine. What's going on in her little mind? We have no way of knowing, but from her face it seems like there's an awful lot going on. At such a young age, she already loves her family so much.

Commenters knew exactly what was going on with this sweet little love:
"Oh she’s an empath it’s a curse at times as she will feel so deeply but she will be such a beautiful kind soul"
"I can’t take that little lip. Precious"
"You’ve got yourself an empath mama"
"Oh my gosh! What a sweet sensitive soul!"
"Her sweet baby emotions So amazing, that she already having these emotions. She is going to be a beautiful Soul. Emotionally intelligent"
"My son did and does this. Started at around 5 months old and still at 2 years 2 months he still feels what even cartoon characters feel."

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A display of emotion like this from a baby is just one of the sweetest, purest things a human being can witness. What a lovely soul!

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