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Doorbell Camera Catches Baby Rolling Away From Babysitter

Spoiler: No babies were harmed.

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Where were we before the invention of doorbell cameras? Not only are they helpful for keeping our homes secure (and seeing when our packages get delivered), but they've also happened to record some really funny moments we might not have seen otherwise... like this one. 

Being a nanny can be a stressful job, especially when babies are involved, and recently, one nanny shared one of those times with the world on TikTok. After she had the baby all ready to go in their stroller, she turned around to lock the door to the house, and something pretty hilarious happened (in hindsight, anyway). You've gotta see it to really appreciate it.


Most importantly, let’s get this out of the way: The baby is fine, and this situation had a happy ending. That means it’s totally okay if you laugh watching that stroller roll away — and the nanny running after it when she realizes what just happened.

"Baby was not hurt and I still have a job!" she shared in her caption.

Moms in the comments were ready to share that this same scenario has happened to them. "As mom who's done this myself and even did the double check as well, that's hilarious," one user wrote. Ha! 

According to the nanny, the baby's mom even thought that it was funny. She sounds like a great boss to have, because most moms out there will understand that, no matter how careful you are, incidents like this will still happen — we're sure this nanny will make sure to lock the stroller next time. And as far as we can tell, baby is no worse for the wear!