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“Reindeer” Give Santa Baby a Wild Ride

On Prancer, on Dancer!

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The best thing about the holidays is that they give you an excuse to be silly and whimsical. In fact, the season almost demands it! This is especially true if you have kids or pets, even more so if you have both. With a little imagination and some Christmas spirit, you can get the whole family in on the action.

A perfect example is this video from @sarakpilot. All the ingredients are there: an adorable baby, cute dogs, a Santa costume, some antlers, a walker with wheels, and a beautifully decorated home. Press play, and these are the very cute shenanigans that entailed.

Run, run, Rudolph! OMG, so cute. The look on the baby's face is the best. Whee! Go dogs, go! Meanwhile, dad felt like he'd better step in and slow those doggos down. For their part, the dogs didn't seem to know exactly what was going on, but they liked that they were being encouraged to run. And they seemed pretty tolerant of the antlers. 

Commenters absolutely adored this video:
"I physically cannot handle this CUTENESS"
"This wins Christmas! So dang cute"
"what happens when dad watches the kid"
"My first thought...'when Dad's in charge' and then yep, I was right!"
"Love this! Little reindeer charging ahead!"
"This made me laugh out loud this is the cutest thing I ever saw"

It just goes to show, when you have the holiday spirit, you end up having some truly joyful moments. Not only did this baby and these dogs have a blast, but every single person who watched them did, too.

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