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Baby’s Aggressive “Mama” Will Knock You Down


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All babies have their own way of babbling and making themselves heard. Some babies have gentle little little voices, some have bird-like squawks, others go from quiet and whispery to loud as a fire engine in just seconds. And sometimes, an otherwise chilled-out baby can surprise you.

Like the adorable little one in this video from @raisinghenry. His mom is encouraging him to say "mama," over and over, and he's having fun making noises, but then he finally comes out with a "mama" for the ages.

Well, there you go! You wanted him to say "mama," and he said it! With a lot more passion than you were probably expecting. "Yaaaaallll why is he so aggressive? I don't remember @msrachel teaching it like this," wrote his mom. Hey, every kid has their own way of expressing themselves. Maybe this mom will want to prepare herself for a future of really loud rock singing. Or maybe this baby will just be one of those people who says everything lots of gusto.

Commenters couldn't help but be pretty amused by the situation...
"he's like 'there, i said it, you happy now'"
"everyone's joking that you're getting on his nerves but i think he's just putting ALL his brain power into getting it right"
"he's like 'i'm gonna say it but i'm not gonna like it'"
"omggg the little fuzzy head"

Seriously though, the little fuzzy head! This baby is so cute he could screech anything aggressively and it would be cute, at least the first few times. Lucky for mom!