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Baby Isn't a Huge Fan of the Beach

You really can't blame him.

You'd think babies would love the beach, right? Seems like a's basically like one big sandbox, plus water, and a bunch of interesting little shells and things. How could it be better? 

But depending on how a baby's sensory development is going, they may or may not be ready for the multiple sensations found at the beach. Take this little baby in video from @skjameson. His parents are clearly thinking he's going to love puttiing his little feet down on the sand, but nope, not so much. And when that water hits, the noise he makes!

Okay, so this guy isn't totally ready for the beach just yet. He'd rather just not do that whole thing yet, if that's okay. And you can't blame the little guy! Imagine how cold that swirling water felt on those teensy tiny toes. 

Commenters completely understood how this little guy felt, and had plenty of ideas as to what might be going through his head...
"Lol it needs that 'is this water sanitary' sound"
"He thinks you’re offering him up to Poseidon"
"That's me. I don't like cold water either lol"
"My daughter loved it. It’s Hawaiian tradition to bring newborn to the ocean and she adored it"
"I sat my girl in her chair right next to get GG and she was in her cute sun hat and ready to tackle the day and then the wave hit her and she bawled."
"Not today Mom thank you"

Poor dude. Someday, maybe, he'll be surfing those waves like a pro. But he'll have to work up to that in baby steps. Maybe a sand castle first.