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Baby Sharing Snacks Is So Generous

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Some babies are just born with giving spirits. Whether it's a toy or a smile or a hug or a snack, they're always willing to share. Who knows what makes these little ones so generous? It's pretty sweet, whatever the reason. 

Take the baby in this video from @madisonbellew. She's chilling with some books and a little cup of snacks (puffs, looks like), and her mom wants to know if she'll share some snacks with her. Well of course she will! Not only that, she'll put the snack right in her hand.


That's got to be the cutest she actually takes her hand and puts the puffs in it. So sweet! She doesn't want her mom to miss out on the deliciousness that is a puff.

Of course, she does make sure that her mom only gets one puff. There's no need to go crazy and give mom all her puffs just because she's being generous, after all. 

Commenters were totally amused by this little one and her snacking habits:
"You can have ONE, mommy"
"Omg this little hand"
"It’s like when a grandparent flips through a wad of cash only to hand you one dollar"
"the fact that she could comprehend that she got out too and then gave you just one"
"Mine acts like he’ll give it to me & then eats it"
"Smart girl. She understands sharing. One for you and one for me."

She's pretty much doing exactly what you'd want her to do: She's sharing, which is what you want her to do, but she's not giving all her stuff away, which you wouldn't want her to do. So it looks like a milestone is being met just the way it should be.