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Baby’s Backseat Vocals Are on Point

Mom and baby are quite the duo!

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Sometimes, being in the car with your baby is a nightmare. Sometimes it's just a chore. Sometimes, though, something really magical happens when you're driving around in the car. Especially when music is involved.

Like in this video from @thatbigwish. Mom and baby are doing a little back and forth, call and response,singing in the car...and OMG, that baby just kills it. Like, this is the kind of thing you have to see to believe. Did that sound just come out of a baby, or a seasoned vocalist?

Amazing, right? Not only that she actually nailed it, but that she knew she nailed it...because the way she laughed at the end said it all: "Surprised you mom, huh? You didn't think I was gonna kill it like that, did you?"

Commenters totally couldn't get over the talent:
"Omg that laugh"
"How is it such a clean 'yeeeaaahh'"
"Sound like she been to the club already"
"It's the laugh for me" 
"Omg I watched this 30x"
"That laugh should be bought and sold"
Not only is this video just a straight-up adorable watch, it's an important one, too, believe it or not. It's important because it reminds us that getting around the world with our little ones doesn't have to be the soul-sucking chore it can sometimes seem to be. Especially if anybody (or everybody) is in a bad mood. And what's a great way to put people in a good mood? Music! Especially little kids.