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Baby Insists On Singing "Dada" to Tease Mom

What a cheeky fellow!

It's pretty much a fact that the majority of babies will say "dada" before they say "mama." As for why this is, multiple theories abound; some have to do with things like the way babies learn to babble and make sounds, others have to do with which parent babies want to get the attention of first. 

Naturally, it's a bit of a joke when you tell a baby to "say mama" and they say "dada" instead, especially if they give you a sneaky little laugh with it. But the baby in this video from @ivybethabernethyskeen takes it to another level. His mom tries so hard to teach him this lovely way to sing "mama"...and he doesn't just ignore her or say "dada," he actually sings "dada" back to her. Perfectly.


Now that is a baby who knows exactly what kind of prank he's pulling. And how adorable he is while pulling it. That little voice, singing "dada, dada"...and the way he shook his head! This kid has personality for days. 

Commenters could not handle this baby's advanced sense of humor...
"Oh boy, you are in trouble. The head shake with the first da da got me! He was NOPE, not today!"
"Got louder with it too!!"
"The fact that he sang Dada to the exact tune!!!!"
"the increasingly aggressive “dada” feels personal"
"Look at him teasing already! Too cute!!"

There's no question that before long, he'll be singing a verse about "mama," too. But he might have to tease her a little bit more first!